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With the aspiration of creating enlightened human beings and building a developed Bangladesh, Hamdard Public College (HPC) was established in 2010 by the generous hand of Dr. Hakim Md. Yousuf Harun Bhuiyan, the living legend of Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Bangladesh. Hamdard Public College was founded to impart knowledge among the learners whose ability, employability and readiness for worthy citizens will be increased. Hamdard Public College believes that attaining certificate is not merely the aim of education. Rather this institution profoundly teaches the students to learn the values of humanity, equality, social justice and to foster the conscience of our liberation war. The vision of Hamdard Public College is to build up a nation capable of meeting the challenges of the twenty first century through the sense of discipline, amity, fraternity, creativity, high standard of morality, patriotism, religious and social values promoting proper knowledge and learning.

Hamdard Public College started a new spin around the sun with only 14 students but the number of students reaches up to 775 in 2021. Similarly, the number of teachers upgrades to 40 from 14. The honorable founder noticed that a lot of students in Bangladesh either fail to access to higher education or simply drop out from educational institutions because of increasing educational expenses including so called tradition of Private Tuition. Many parents and guardians are unable to bear their children’s educational expenses. Realizing this harsh truth, Dr. Hakim Md. Yousuf Harun Bhuiyan started his noble journey of establishing HPC to give the guardians relief from the evil cycle of private tuition and ensure the right of education for the unprivileged. To provide more educational facilities among the mass and the unprivileged community, Hamdard Public College is expanding its academic capabilities consistently.

With the magnificent contribution of Dr. Hakim Md. Yousuf Harun Bhuiyan, the proper direction of honorouble chairman of Hamdard Public College as well as the wholehearted co-operation of the honorable Board of Directors of Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Bangladesh, Hamdard Public College has turned into a unique institution within one decade.  Within few years of its establishment, HPC has achieved the reputation of being one of the best colleges of Dhaka board and the topmost college at Dhanmondi Thana in terms of HSC result. By providing all modern amenities, HPC tries it’s best to ensure the international standard of education. Congenial atmosphere of education, cordial relationship among teachers and students, skill of delivering lectures in classroom, extra classes given alternative to private tuition, after class program (ACP), special care classes for weaker students, night studies, continuous assessment, co-curricular activities etc. are the key to success of HPC. Hamdard Public College has started the online educational procedure from the very beginning of the sudden closure of educational institutions due to covid-19 and still it is running the programs very successfully. That’s why, we, Hamdard Public College family can claim us as one of the pioneer educational institutions who is conducting online classes, assignments, exams, co-curricular activities actively and effectively.

To engage students with co-curricular activities, the college has established several clubs e.g. science club, language club, debate club, business club, meditation club and cultural club. The college has a spacious permanent campus at the heart of Dhaka City with adequate classrooms, labs, canteen, common room, a rich library etc. Sustaining the continuity of achieving brilliant success, Hamdard Public College is going ahead to create a milestone.