Vision & Mission


  • Introducing to a new area of education that will be the center of creating real human being.
  • Providing total education for academic enrichment as well as for whole life.
  • Its strong commitment to ensure the international standard of education for both general and economically backward students by providing all modern amenities.
  • Creating a patriotic and philanthropic nation with high standard of moral, religious and social values.
  • To produce enlightened individual who will be able to make themselves skilled, well educated, proficient and potential enough to cope with the dynamism and challenges of twenty first century.
  • Eliminating the idea of private coaching and money making business.


The vision of Hamdard Public College is to build up a nation capable of meeting the challenges of twenty first century through the sense of discipline, amity, proper education, creativity, knowledge, high standard of morality, patriotism and sense of religious as well as social values.